#Overstimulated by Sonos
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Salesforcean Rhapsody
Concept, Scriptwriting
IBM "Odd Feet"
Advertising, Directing, Writing
Google Hardware How-To Videos
Strategy, Scriptwriting
Salesforce "Ice Force"
American Express / Innovation in Our DNA
Script Concept, Scriptwriting
Breakthrough B2B
Innovation Tales, Product & Purpose, Voice & Vision
Johnson's "Curing Chemophobia"
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Directing
Endava IPO Roadshow Film
Strategy, Concept, Scriptwriting
Uniqlo US Market Expansion
Strategy, Writing, Creative Direction
Rit Dye: Reinvented, Profitably
Branding, Directing, Writing
Don't Be A Little Monster
Advertising, Animation, Writing
MotoMusic Comes to China
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
AFLAC: Beyond the Quack
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Dollars for Doughnuts
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Apple Customer Profiles
IBM e-business Campaign
Branding, Creative Direction, Writing
Ports in the Storm
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Macintosh Brain Teaser
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Long-Form Samples
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