American Express / Future Vision
Script Concept, Scriptwriting
Johnson's "Curing Chemophobia"
Google Hardware How-To Videos
Strategy, Scriptwriting
Salesforce "Ice Force"
Endava IPO Roadshow Film
Strategy, Concept, Scriptwriting
IBM "Odd Feet"
Advertising, Directing, Writing
Uniqlo US Market Expansion
Strategy, Writing, Creative Direction
Rit Dye: Reinvented, Profitably
Branding, Directing, Writing
#Overstimulated by Sonos
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Verizon X Rallying Cry
Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy
MotoMusic Comes to China
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction
OS X for Photographers
AFLAC: Beyond the Quack
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Don't Be A Little Monster
Advertising, Animation, Writing
Keynote's Key Differences
Creative Direction, Writing
Dollars for Doughnuts
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Apple Customer Profiles
IBM e-business Campaign
Branding, Creative Direction, Writing
Ports in the Storm
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Macintosh Brain Teaser
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Edie's Guerrilla GIF Campaign
Animation, Branding, Character Design
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Directing
Nikon's New Stories to Tell
Advertising, Creative Direction, Writing
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